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Zarin Medical

As "The New Gold Standard" for medical laser distributors, Zarin, whose name means "golden", needed their logo to shine; literally! Gold is never an easy color to work with, but with the name in place we had to make it work. They also needed their site to convey a certain richness and quality, while supporting both product education & lead generation. See how we pulled off...

The Challenge

Zarin Medical, headquartered in Knoxville, TN is a company that is dedicated to aesthetic medical products. They wanted their website and logo to portray the “best in their class” products they sell. The company name Zarin means “golden” and they would like that to be replicated across the site. They also wanted their products to be searchable by both treatment and product. It was also important for them to be able to edit the website themselves quickly.

The previous logo very masculine and industrial yellow and back with sharp edges, it did not portray the image the company desired to convey.

The Solution

We began with a complete rebranding the Zarin Medical Logo and corporate identity. TradeMark revised the logo and introduced the deep purple background. The brand name was given a faint impression of precious metal to create a premium brand experience that symbolized the gold standard of the company.

Once the branding was complete, we were ready to start the website. In order to expand the brand to the web, the color purple from the logo was added to the background to make it appear softer and appealing to their target market. Each image on the home page was treated with gold accents, to once again extend the branding message of “The Gold Standard” of Zarin Products. We were then able to showcase each of their aesthetic medical devices separated by both the treatment and the product specifications.

The new website utilizes our proprietary Hands-On® Content Management System for updating text, images, videos, products and animations. They also have the ability to add unlimited numbers of pages to their site, making future growth much more manageable.

The Results

The new corporate identity has transformed the image of the company to the professional gold standard company they are. They are able to showcase their products and collect leads from interested customers. They also have the ability to now quickly add a new product to the page as soon as a new one is released and make it available right away!