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Why Your Customers Don't Want to Talk to You...


It's nothing personal - don't take offense... So your customers just don't want to talk to you anymore. No, they're not breaking up with you - they just don't like talking that much. So how do you do business with someone who doesn't want to talk?

Common Branding Mistakes You NEED To Avoid


You have come up with an amazing idea for your business and you are ready to run full speed into the business world. Slow down, if you are not careful in the Branding Process, you could trip and fall into a mess that could kill your brand.

Many Small Business Owners Are Sabotaging Themselves


A business without an internet presence in the 21st century is devastating. Word of mouth and referrals can only reach a limited number of people. Potential customers also no longer use the phone book to search for a business. They use search engines to get information about businesses that provide products and services they need. If you have no website to tell your story, they will not find you.

Shifting Perception


Have you ever had a customer or client say something like, "wow, I had no idea you guys offered that"? As a salesperson or business owner this can be good news for the company, but the takeaway for an in-house marketing professional should be different.