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Great news... we have a blog! If you're the reading type we hope that you take some time to peruse our comments, insights, remarks and quips. If you're not so fond of reading, you're in luck because there are some "perty" pictures too! Have an opinion or comment? Be sure to let us know what you think in the "contact" section. We always love some good feedback!

Shifting Perception


Have you ever had a customer or client say something like, "wow, I had no idea you guys offered that"? As a salesperson or business owner this can be good news for the company, but the takeaway for an in-house marketing professional should be different.

Risky Business or Pure Genius Marketing?


Saturday was a big day in the world of Sports! First, we had the Kentucky Derby “the most exciting two minutes in sports”. Then late Saturday Night, we had the highly anticipated Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Each of these events were great opportunities for companies to advertise and market their products and get their brands in front of a large audiences. What we witnessed was everything from traditional advertising to bizarre and possibly risky business…or, was it pure genius marketing?

Business Camo?


We at TradeMark must ask the question; as a company, are you trending or are you blending? Trending up or blending in? Do your logo and tagline set you apart, or do they boringly resemble the majority of your competition?

What’s Your Website’s Mobile I.Q.?


Are you getting the most out of your website, or are the flood of mobile-users being “turned off” by your mobile experience? Give your site the test to see if you might be leaving money on the table with a less-than-optimum experience.